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Kim Kardashian West 04 September 1981

2014 forecast

In 2014, you rise to a position of power. If you are currently in a relatively influential position you can expect to find that even more people have respect for what you've got to say now. Now, obviously, there can't ever be enough respect but there can be more than you are currently getting. And you deserve that. Soon you will be dealing with situations that make you feel as though you have a real constructive part to play in other people's lives. Therefore, your sense of creative engagement and your sense of being needed and of being useful will increase. You are heading towards a vastly improved outlook, towards a much more enjoyable, comforting set of scenarios in your emotional and material world. A lot of your fears and some of your greatest anxieties have been based on somewhat irrelevant insecurities. This year, you mature to the point where you can cope with many of your challenges in a much more constructive way. It is as if you are growing into yourself. Being more of the person you were always meant to be. A great many delightful developments ensue as a result of the journey to success that you take through life this year.