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You have an instant rapport and an eternal desire to get more involved with one another. Why?

Well, think about air. What happens to it when it is heated up? It expands and, at the same time, it becomes lighter. The Air sign person, in the company of a fire sign partner, turns into a hot air balloon!

The sky, quite literally, becomes the limit. Travel, to any destination, becomes gloriously possible. The air sign person, who is normally a little 'coldly logical' suddenly starts to glow with hope and excitement. And as for the fire sign person? Well, here too, a crucial need is being met. Fire cannot exist without air. The more that's on offer, the brighter the flame can burn. So, there's the attraction. Now, what's the problem?

The problem is that the fire, with all that air to reach for and not enough fuel to consume, can find that one moment it is roaring but the next, it is extinguished. Meanwhile, because the brighter the fire glows, the more air it absorbs, the air sign person can end up feeling stifled or 'all used up'.

Yet even when this happens, or everything seems to have come to a hopeless, sudden end, the passion can always, always, flare up wildly again... in moments.

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