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If you think like a chemist, you can soon see where the problem lies in this relationship. Fire is very good for water. It boils it up and, by helping it turn into steam, it 'purifies' it. Unfortunately, this makes the water just a little too still and sterile.

To see things from the fire sign's point of view though, you don't need a chemistry degree. We ALL know what water does to fire. Happily though, the story does not end there.

Fire, for all its fury, loves nothing more than to be put to use. That's what it was created for. And fire is never more useful than when it is warming up water. Fire sign people LOVE water sign people. They cannot get enough of them.

And water sign people? Well for all the danger that they are aware of, they cannot resist the warmth. They imagine it will only raise their temperature a little. That will make them capable of supporting more 'life'. They really want that heat.

So the attraction is mutual and strong. The water sign is safe in the knowledge that, whenever the fire gets too intense, a splash of strong emotion will damp everything down. The fire sign person just wants to get things bubbling. Thus the two are forever drawn closer.

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