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The two of you couldn't be more different. You have few common interests and, even when there are things that you do both like, you like them for very different reasons. You are chalk and cheese. Or, rather, you are earth and air.

Where, pray tell, do these elements come together freely and easily? Everywhere... and nowhere.

On the horizon, where land meets sky. On the mountain top, where cliff meets cloud. In the field, where tree top is blown by breeze. The two of you interact, but only just. You communicate... but you dwell in separate realms. And this is precisely the reason why, if you ever manage the rare feat of instigating a relationship of this kind, you will both find it so rewarding.

How can the air harm the earth - other perhaps, than by blowing the occasional gale across its surface? How can the earth hurt the air? Other than by trapping it, sometimes, for a while in some underground cave?

Your rapport may not dramatic but it is steady. You are safe with one another. You can be mutually supportive. And, in that glorious way that only people from very different worlds can ever experience, you can be forever fascinating to one another... to say nothing of powerfully, mutually attracted.

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