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Daniel Craig March 2 1968

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Your May Monthly Forecast: Do people sometimes suggest you express yourself clearly but that the content of your conversation is carefully selected to ensure that some topics are never even touched upon? Do they even argue that this is out of character with a personality that likes to give an impression of being uninhibited? The rare, powerful transit of Mercury this month will have a significant impact on the way in which you get your message across. No matter how much you may be nervous about sharing information, you'll benefit now from opening up.
One of the five planets that is about to go retrograde is Mercury! And Mercury is also about to make a spectacular Transit of the Sun. Your Guide To The Future includes a special section about the Transit of Mercury and how it affects you - and your 'Personal Profile' has fascinating information about the position Mercury occupied on the day you were born and how you can take full advantage of it. Get a 20% DISCOUNT off either of these reports here!