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Daniel Craig 02 March 1968

2014 forecast

What is different for you about 2014 is not what's going to happen but how you are going to feel about what happens. More often than you've ever felt, possibly in your whole life to date, you are going to be able to feel good about what's happening, even if what's happening doesn't seem to be so good. Your ability to feel okay is going to be enhanced by a series of encouraging celestial developments. That's big. Really big. Because when we feel good, we can make good things happen. Instead of saying, 'I'll never solve this problem.' We say, 'Oh, it's a problem, I wonder how I can solve it?' And then you keep going until you find a solution. The planets are effectively making you more able to be yourself. And at your best you are pliable, adaptable and inventive. You're a Piscean after all. What is there that you can't do if you try? This year, even if things aren't ideal at times, you'll just go, 'Yes, I know... but I'm going to find a way to make it okay.' That's going to be the repeating phenomenon. The most important thing you will know by the time this year is over, is just how blessed you are.