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Taylor Swift December 13 1989

Sagittarius forecast for Saturday February 13, 2016

Your Week Ahead: Florists, jewellers, restaurant owners and card shop proprietors may feel there is only one point of focus now. True romantics, though, won't see it quite that way. 'Why should this weekend be different from any other? If you love someone, you don't just love them on Valentine's Day!' The most exciting, exceptional potential development in your life this week involves, not so much your love of an individual as your admiration for a particular process. Here comes a chance to get more deeply and pleasingly involved with that.

Now, I've just updated the introduction to your Guide to the Future with a special Valentine focus on Venus, the love planet and the position it held in the sky on the day that you were born! What does this mean about your emotional and romantic needs? What's going to happen to you? And for a limited time there's 20% OFF too. Download yours here

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