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Taylor Swift December 13 1989

Sagittarius forecast for Findesemana August 30, 2015

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Even simple films require camera operators, lighting engineers, make-up artists, wardrobe assistants, sound recordists, continuity monitors, writers, directors, producers, researchers, plus caterers to keep them all fed. You must be careful now, not to fear that your personal life is inadequate because it fails to match the standards set by a Hollywood drama. You can't create an artificial impression, but you can, if you relax, bring forth a very real natural magic. It will yet make you the star of your own highly successful show.

This weekend there is a rare alignment between Mars, Neptune and Pluto. It is known as a Finger of Fate. Which way is the finger pointing for you? What's going to happen... and when? A Guide to the Future will help you find out. Get yours here! (20% OFF - Offer Ends Tomorrow!)

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