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Sagittarius forecast for Wednesday July 1, 2015

Good days. Who needs them? Aren't they a little overrated? Haven't we long since experienced all that they have to offer? Why would anyone want to make a fuss about them, far less aspire to having one of them? Now, bad days are so much more interesting. They give as astrologer so much more to talk about and a Sagittarian so many more challenges to rise to. Not convinced? No, nor I. So, you need have no compunction in greeting all that's good in this particular day, with the enthusiasm and gratitude that it deserves.

Two auspicious alignments are taking place this week between Venus and Jupiter and a Full Moon. Be ready for the hope, the justice and the love this can bring. A birth chart and report will help you and for a limited time there's 25% off. Download your discounted chart here. (Offer ends TODAY)

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