scorpio horoscope 2013

Celebrity Scorpio

Ryan Gosling 12 November 1980

2013 forecast

You will soon start to realise how you are becoming so much wiser, more authoritative and influential. You're going to manifest great strength while exuding the gravitas and self-restraint - which only a person who knows themselves well can manifest. You won't start to look any older but you'll feel, more mature and discriminating.

This will enable to you to start feeling less like a victim of circumstance, more like a person in charge of their own destiny. You'll also feel less as though you have got battles that you need to be forever fighting - more as if you know how to control what needs to be kept under control. You'll feel able to save for what needs to be invested in and draw lines of exclusion around the irrelevancies and distractions that often eat your precious time and energy.

As you begin to find the courage and the confidence to assert your choices, others will respect them too - and the world will begin to reward you for your wisdom. The alignments from Uranus to Pluto, plus the presence of Saturn in your sign, suggest you are going spend a lot of time applying strict discipline - but no, you are not going to find it hard. You are going to find it immensely rewarding at every level.

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