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Taurus forecast for Friday July 30, 2015

The history books and newspapers are full of man's inhumanity to man. And we must not forget man's inhumanity to woman, woman's inhumanity to woman and woman's inhumanity to man! Although, in an odd way, the more we dwell on this, the more we stretch it out, the worse it gets. Those tales get documented, not because they are common but because they are so rare as to be remarkable, and thus worth recording. As you now plan the next phase of your future, don't base this on a sorry assumption.

Now, your 'sun-sign' can only give you a tiny insight into what's happening in your life and what you are like but a full horoscope chart is like zooming in with a high resolution camera. You will be amazed by how accurate and revealing it can be. Download yours here.

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