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Taurus forecast for Wednesday July 1, 2015

Venus, the ruler of your sign, has been chasing Jupiter across the early evening sky for several weeks now. It isn't just astronomers and astrologers who have been aware of this. Even though we live in a world full of neon signs and other distracting illuminations, millions have caught a brief glimpse of this heavenly pageant and felt it stir the poet in their souls. Nor is this merely an alignment to inspire romantics. It is, in particular, a clarion call to Taureans everywhere. 'Wake up! Believe in the best! You can yet have it.

Two auspicious alignments are taking place this week between Venus and Jupiter and a Full Moon. Be ready for the hope, the justice and the love this can bring. A birth chart and report will help you and for a limited time there's 25% off. Download your discounted chart here. (Offer ends TODAY)

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