Celebrity Taurus

George Clooney May 6 1961

Weekly forecast

Your September Monthly Forecast: A big issue on the home and family front has been troubling you for some while. It puts you in a quandary. It calls for a decision. If that involved a choice that was easy to make, you would have made it long ago. On top of which, there have lately been other pressures; stresses and strains relating to work and money. In September, Venus (the ruler of your sign) ends its recent phase of retrograde motion, signifying that a far more fruitful phase of your future has arrived at last. Not all your problems will vanish; but much will get easier.
This weekend there is a rare alignment between Mars, Neptune and Pluto. It is known as a Finger of Fate. Which way is the finger pointing for you? What's going to happen... and when? A Guide to the Future will help you find out. Get yours here! (20% OFF until August 31)

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