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Adele May 5 1988

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Your Week Ahead: As we arrive at the Equinox, we find Venus in your sign and that is a very positive influence. It signifies inspired creativity, enhanced imagination and an increased ability to manifest beguiling, persuasive charm. This week's harmonious alignment of Venus to Neptune, conveys much the same celestial suggestion. If you have got a problem, no matter what it may be or how unnerving you may find it, you look set to see a way to solve it. And if you can't? Just be your sweet self and someone may yet solve it for you.
It has been an extraordinary week: a Solar Eclipse, a powerful 'Supermoon', the final Pluto/Uranus Square and the Equinox! If you want to find out how you can rise to the cosmic challenges and embrace the changes, you really need to know what's happening in your full personal horoscope. And for a short time there's 20% off the usual price. Download yours here. .

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