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George Clooney 06 May 1961

2013 forecast

We live in a world where too many paths are trodden because they are the most obvious and too many experiences occur because people don't have the imagination to invent alternatives. Yet you were born capable of being somebody significant, powerful and successful.

This year, it becomes clearer that you have to do something about claiming that inheritance. It is also the year during which you have to work with others if you are to make that occur. You can't do it on your own. One particularly important 'other person' is about to start playing a very big role in helping you become more of who you were always born to be. I am not necessarily saying, 'It will be through someone you love that these fine things occur.' I'm simply saying that you are about to find that someone brings out the best in you. You in turn, will bring out the best in them. The upshot of all this will be a sense that the best, generally, is beginning to manifest. There'll be less need to feel as if you must compromise, less insecurity to contend with and much more confidence. Emotionally, creatively, materially, you will achieve far greater strength and success. And, through the help of a very significant person, greater happiness and contentment, too. For your in-depth personal Guide To The Future, based on your exact date of birth and covering the whole of 2013, go to www.cainer.com