virgo horoscope 2014

Celebrity Virgo

Beyonc� Knowles 13 September 1993

2014 forecast

Is it going to be a good year? Well, of course. I don't predict bad years for anyone, ever, because they don't exist. We don't have bad years. We have challenging years. Years during which the opportunities are harder to recognise. That's all. For you 2014 is about re-evaluating connections to various people with whom you have strong bonds but with whom those links are not always satisfactory. Somehow, this year, you've got to make sure communication leads to collaboration and co-operation, not conflict. Where there has been a sense of loss, now there can be a discovery. And one thing you'll discover is the true answer to the question, 'What am I worth?' 2014 won't let you doubt yourself for long. The universe will boost your self-esteem by engineering coincidences that make you feel as if you are sailing on a smooth sea of serendipity or by helping you address damage done by stressful situations in times gone by. The healing process you go through will allow you to help and heal others. One of the most joyous developments will involve seeing proof that the world isn't your enemy but your friend. And it's got a lot to share with you.