From singing to saving lives: Amy Winehouse funds crucial op for local resident

by Much was made of Amy Winehouse's extended stay in St Lucia, with reports of a new romance appearing alongside less savoury stories.

What remained largely unknown, however, was that the talented songstress, who celebrates her 26th birthday next week, saved the life of a local man during her visit and has subsequently become something of a heroine in her second home.

Amy paid £1000 for a life-saving operation for impoverished Jacob Jean Baptiste, 43, after she witnessed him suffering with pain near the five-star Cotton Bay Village resort where she was staying.

"She sent over a security guard with cash to pay for me to go to hospital," Jacob told the Mail. "I was in a very bad state because of a hernia, but I couldn’t afford an operation."

"I don't know what I would have done if she hadn't given me the money. Maybe I wouldn’t be here now."

Despite funding the much-needed operation, Amy remained gracious when Jacob approached her after his hospital stay.

"I gave her a hug and tried to say 'thank you', but she just said: 'You don't need to thank me'," he revealed.

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