Britney Spears' mum Lynne hoping her daughter weds 'dream' guy Jason


Lynne Spears says she's hoping for a lasting romance between the pair, seen here earlier this month, because the music exec is very loyal and supportive
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His presence certainly seems to have a positive effect on the megastar during their eight-month relationship
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26 OCTOBER 2009

He's put the smile back on her face – and Britney Spears' new boyfriend has also got the thumbs up from one person who really matters.

Her mum Lynne recently described the 37-year-old – who acts as her manager - as a "dream" guy and admitted she longs for them to get married.

"He is the kind of man you would dream of your daughter marrying," she said in an interview with a US publication.

Attractive music exec Jason has certainly shown himself to be quite the gentleman during their eight-month relationship.

Just this weekend the pair were seen leaving an LA restaurant following a dinner date, with Jason chivalrously holding the door open for his pop singer girlfriend.

Another plus as far as Lynne is concerned is his bond with her boys, who enjoyed a holiday in Meixco with the couple a few weeks ago.

"The kids love him, and he's stable," she enthused. "Everyone else abandoned her, but Jason refused to be completely cut out of Britney's life. He's very protective of her."