The dream continues for Susan Boyle as she launches online merchandise store


The Britain's Got Talent star can be sure she's made it, after launching her own online merchandising store
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Shoppers have the choice of buying a range of items bearing her name and image, like this red hoodie featuring a glammed-up Susan on the back 

08 JANUARY 2010

You know you're a bona fide star when you've got your own merchandise range.

Susan Boyle can be sure she's made it, after launching an online shop selling everything from t-shirts, scarves and bags bearing her image and name.

Among the items on sale is a £15.99 t-shirt featuring four Andy Warhol-style images in bright colours. Others, selling for the same price, have elaborate motifs beating her silhouette and there's even a cat logo in honour of her kitty Pebbles.

A bright red hoodie with a picture of a glammed-up Susan on the back would set you back £34.99, and accessories include a shopping tote bag with a heart shaped motif and her name.

If the range is as successful as her music it could prove a nice little earner. Susan has so far sold 1.5 million albums in the UK and 3.1 million in the US, where she's been at the top of the charts for the last six weeks.

Susan's online store can be found here.