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Crazy in love
But there can be little doubt that the hip-hop producer's romantic intentions are strictly honourable. At a party for record company boss Lyon Cohen, Jay-Z gave a speech of thanks to his old pal. "You've been one of the best friends I could have had," said the musician, "apart from this woman beside me (Beyonce), who I love and who I will marry very soon."

And it sounds as though he's also hoping to hear the pitter-patter of little feet before too long. "I love Bee with all my heart," he declared. "She's the most important part of my life... I feel like Iím the luckiest man in the world. Children are the only thing I don't have now. I absolutely want kids." The object of his affections has admitted, meanwhile, she's eagerly looking forward to the day Jay-Z gets down on bended knee.
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