Let the flames begin! Olympic torch starts its journey to London

The Olympic torch that will burn throughout the London 2012 games has been lit in Greece.

The stunning ceremony took place in the ancient site of Olympia – the spot where the Games were born in 776 BC.

Greek actress Ino Menegaki – in the role of high priestess – looked magnificent as she held aloft the torch and began the countdown to the year's most anticipated event.

Now, the flame will pass through her country's major archaeological sites, including the Acropolis.  

It will then travel the length of Britain in a 70-day torch relay, before arriving at the Olympic Stadium to kick off the opening ceremony on July 27.

Wiliam, Kate and Harry to light up the Games

Lighting the flame 

The ceremony marks the start of a week-long torch relay, which will take it to five major Greek archaeological sites, including the Acropolis, before it arrives at the old Olympic stadium in Athens, site of the first modern Games in 1896 

Actresses, acting as priestesses perform a Greek ancient dance during the lighting ceremony at the ancient site of Olympia, the sanctuary where the Olympic Games were born in 776 B.C. 

High Priestess Ino Menegaki lights the Archaic Pot 

Ino holds the Olympic flame 

Spyros Gianniotis (L) hands over the Olympic Flame to British boxer Alexandros Lucas 

The first torch bearer Spyros Gianniotis runs with the Olympic Flame 

Spectators attending the ceremony