Kim Kardashian

"I thought, if only people knew the crazy things that go on in this household, it would be so funny," Kim Kardashian once said. Now, of course everyone does know what goes on in her family, and she's parlayed the craziness into an estimated $45 million fortune.

Sixteen million Twitter fans – only slightly less than follow Barack Obama – eagerly await her every cyber utterance.

The reality TV queen's empire rests on DASH, a chain of boutiques selling women's clothing.

Added to that are endorsement deals which have included cup cake mix, trainers, diet products and, even at one point, a debit card ("the Kardashian Kard").

Her dominance began with Keeping up with the Kardashians, a series that showcased the clan's fabulous LA lifestyle.

Viewers instantly responded to her warm, open personality. Unlike some young California socialites, Kim provided a decent role model for her teen fanbase – not camping out in nightclubs nor whittling herself down to a size zero.

Meanwhile, the family's genuine love for each other showed through the nutty goings on.

Kim is one of four children born to Robert Kardashian, OJ Simpson's successful trial lawyer, who died in 2003, and his wife Kris. She made her grand entrance on October 21, 1980.

Her siblings Robert Jnr, Kourtney and Khloe have all had major storylines on the show – among them the births of Kourtney's two children Mason and Penelope on TV and Khloe struggle to conceive.

After their parents' divorce, mom Kris, the family's business manager, remarried Olympian Bruce Jenner.

Their union gave the girls four stepsiblings including Brody Jenner, famous for his own shows The Princes of Malibu and Bromance, in which young men compete to become members of his entourage.

Kris and Bruce went on to have two girls together, Kendall and Kylie, who have grown up on camera since they were 10 and nine.

The Kardashians' media reach has come with detractors.

Of the criticism, Kim says: "I have no idea why. I work really hard – (sometimes) I have seven appointments before 10am. I'm constantly on the go.

"I have a successful clothing line. A fragrance. I mean, acting and singing aren't the only ways to be talented."

Intense interest also surrounds her love life. Her relationship with R&B star Ray J was notable because an intimate tape of them surfaced years afterwards.

Kim has also been married twice – the first time was for four years in her Twenties; the second for 72 days to basketball player Kris Humphries.

But since April 2012, she's been glowing with happiness as a result of dating the crown prince of rap, Kanye West, who is a friend of many years standing.

She birth gave to their daughter North - nicknamed Nori - on June 15, 2013. A few months later on her 33rd birthday, Kanye made it an even more special year when he proposed in front of her friends and family in a San Francisco baseball stadium rented out specially for the occasion.
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