Charles and Camilla will be joined by their children at the Guildhall in Windsor. The Queen and Prince Philip will not be attending, however
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Her Majesty will host the wedding reception in Windsor Castle. Palace sources say she wanted to avoid causing a media spectacle at the civil ceremony
Photo: © AFP

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23 FEBRUARY 2005

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Prince Charles' parents won't be there to share the moment when he ties the knot with fiancée Camilla Parker Bowles in April. The Queen and Prince Philip have confirmed reports they are not to attend the ceremony in Windsor's Town Hall, though Buckingham Palace insists their decision should not be interpreted as a snub.

"The Queen's prime concern is that the civil ceremony should be as low-key as possible, in line with the couple's wishes," explained a spokeswoman. "Clearly, if she were to attend, the occasion would no longer be low-key. She is attending the service of dedication and paying for the reception - this is not a snub."

Prince William and his brother Prince Harry will both be going along to the Guildhall on April 8, as will Camilla's children Tom and Laura. After the civil ceremony, the newlyweds will join the rest of the Royal Family for a blessing in St George's Chapel, before a reception in Windsor Castle.

Her Majesty's decision comes after a week of controversy in which the couple were forced to abandon their original plans to wed in Windsor Castle. Some legal experts have argued that members of the royal family can only marry in a church, but because of their previous relationships this is not an option for Charles and Camilla.

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