The Duchess of Cornwall had to keep hold of her beret to stop it blowing away. It was her first public appearance as the Prince of Wales' wife
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Charles and Camilla meet local people after the service. "I'm so lucky," Charles told well-wishers. "She's special"

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11 APRIL 2005

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Just 24 hours after they made their vows in Windsor, Prince Charles and his new wife met some of their subjects in Scotland. The happy couple, who journeyed to Balmoral immediately after their wedding reception, were greeted by a large crowd of well-wishers when they braved the cold on Sunday morning.

"I'm so lucky," the Prince told them, as he and his bride attended a church service at Craithie Kirk on the first day of their honeymoon. "She's special."

The heir to the throne donned a kilt for the outing, despite the chilly weather, while Camilla opted for a striking fuchsia coat with tartan lapels, and a matching beret.

The Duchess of Cornwall had to literally hold on to her hat to stop it blowing away in the wind, but the reception she received from Balmoral locals was anything but stormy. Worshippers inside the church greeted the royal visitors with an enthusiastic round of applause, before the session clerk offered them a personal welcome.

"May I, on behalf of the congregation of Braemar and Crathie, wish you a long and happy future together," he said. After the service, the newlyweds went for a walkabout outside while a piper played the appropriately titled Scottish favourite Charlie Is My Darling.

This was Charles and Camilla's first public appearance as husband and wife. In the autumn, they will make their first official overseas visit together when they travel to the United States as guests of President Bush.

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