New photos show bare-chested Vladimir Putin on energetic outdoor holiday


The former Russian president shows his impressive upper torso and arm muscles as he powers through a river doing the butterfly stroke
 Photo: © PA


While he is well-known for his macho image, Mr Putin's gentle side was also captured as he fed his horse
 Photo: © PA


The prime minister is often pictured taking part in adventurous activities and has become something of a heart-throb is his homeland
 Photo: © PA

05 AUGUST 2009

The political world's original action man Vladimir Putin was living up to his reputation again this week as he spent the day engaging in a series of adventurous activities.

On what the Russian media reported as a 'holiday', the prime minister remained ever active as he made his way through the mountainous Siberian region of Tuya.

He was photographed fishing, swimming, climbing trees, and riding a horse through the rugged terrain while stripped down to the waist.

And as well as showing his masculinity, he also demonstrated a softer side, gently feeding his mount after their journey.

News agencies also reported that Mr Putin, who is fond of hunting bears and wild boar, camped overnight in the area and even went white water rafting.

Russia's current prime minister, 56, is something of a heart-throb is his homeland due to his athleticism.

He was first pictured shirtless in 2007 during a fishing trip with Prince Albert of Monaco, showing the results of his dedicated fitness regime which includes weight training and swimming each morning.

Mr Putin's most recent holiday snaps come days after he took part in an adventure to the bottom of the worlds' deepest lake in a mini submarine.

One day before that, he clipped a satellite transmitter to a Beluga whale on Chkalov island in the far east of Russia.

As well as being a black belt in judo, he has also taken part in activities including tranquilising a Siberian tiger and co-piloting a fighter jet.