Princesses in love: brides-to-be Victoria and Madeleine witness their friend's wedding


If it weren't for the colour of her dress, Victoria could easily have been mistaken for the bride so radiant did she look at this weekend's celebration
Photo: © Charles Hammarsten/IBL 


Madeleine was also very excited about the event as the bride was one of her best friends and has reportedly been helping her pick out her own wedding gown for next year
Photo: © Charles Hammarsten/IBL 


You can tell from her lovely smile and glowing demeanour that Princess Victoria can't help thinking with excitement of her own big day as she attends a friend's wedding.

Arriving on the arm of her intended, gym owner Daniel Westling, Sweden's future queen couldn't have looked happier, more contented or 'bride-to-be' stunning.

The vibrant fuchsia chiffon gown she'd picked out perfectly flattered her athletic figure, and the look was finished off with a pair of vertigo-inducing gold heels.

Escorting her proudly to a Stockholm church, the royal's dashing fiancé - who'll become Prince Daniel, Duke of Vastergotland when they wed - matched her for good looks in his spiffy tails.

Victoria wasn't the only princess heading the guest list.

Her sister Madeleine was also among the congregation with husband-to-be Jonas Bergstrom. The bride and groom Ellen Stendhal and Jan Dinkelspiel were originally part of her circle.

Of course, as well as sharing their friend's happiness, Saturday's event has given them plenty of food for thought about the details of their own 'I dos'.

Both young women have been eagerly planning their nuptials, which are among the most highly anticipated events in the upcoming European royal calendar.