Princess Madeleine and her ex fiancé run into each other at friend's wedding

23 AUGUST 2011

Princess Madeleine and ex fiancé Jonas Bergstrom have rebuilt their lives since they called of their engagement in April last year but their paths have crossed once more.

Accompanied by their new partners, Madeleine and Jonas attended a wedding last weekend in Gottröra (Stockholm).




It was a special ocassion for the Swedish Princess as she was serving as bridesmaid to her best friend Natalie Rosta who married Dag Werner.

The newlywed couple served as cupid in the autumn of 2002 when they introduced Madeleine and Jonas to each other.

Also at the ceremony was Madeleine's boyfriend, financial adviser Chris O'Neill, who arrived at the church with her close friend Emma Pernald, an ex girlfriend of  Prince Carl Philip.



Jonas attended the wedding with his new girlfriend, Stephanie af Klercker, who was Madeleine's friend before they started dating.

This is the first time that the ex couple have been seen together since they separated last year after an eight-year relationship.

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