Excitement in Sweden ahead of the christening of their 'little miracle'

Sweden's future queen will be christened in the 17th-century chapel where her predecessors have been baptised for generations.

In a highly anticipated ceremony, presided over by the Archbishop of Uppsala Anders Wejryd, the birth of Princess Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary, will be formally celebrated on May 22.

Details of the event were announced as the palace also published new pictures of the little girl with her parents, Crown Princess Victoria and her husband Daniel.

"We're so excited," said Victoria's sister Madeleine.

"She really is a little miracle, just like all babies. It's wonderful being an aunt, and I'm so proud for Victoria and Daniel."

Following the ceremony between 12am and 1pm, guests are invited to a reception on the given by King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia. Ladies are asked to wear day dresses, men suits 

The proud mother has asked the Archbishop of Uppsala Anders Wejryd, who officiated at her wedding, to do the honours once again 

The current chapel in the royal palace dates back to 1754 

Baptisms of members of the royal house have always been state occasions, with the Archbishop officiating and using a silver font dating back to the 17th century