Vatican doors remain closed on day two of the papal conclave

All eyes are on Rome and the world's smallest state, Vatican city, as we wait for the announcement of the new Pope.

The papal conclave moves into day two after it began on Tuesday when 115 cardinals hailing from 50 countries entered the Sistine Chapel to cast their first vote for the next Pontiff, who will be the 266th pope in the history of the church.

Black smoke, signifying no agreement has yet been reached, rose from the chimney installed especially for the highly secret process on Wednesday morning after the conclave's second vote. They will vote twice a day, in the morning and the afternoon, and reside in the 'conclave hotel' until one candidate holds two thirds of the anonymous vote.

The world will know when the cardinals have made their collective decision on Pope Benedict XVI's successor when white smoke puffs from the chimney. Meanwhile, HELLO! Online looks at the final moments before the doors of the Sistine Chapel were closed, marking the beginning of the ancient ritual of the papal conclave... 

Black smoke rises following the second vote of the conclave to show the world remains without a pope... the longest conclave held since the turn of the 20th century lasted five days 

Thousands of pilgrims flocked to St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican on Tuesday to join in a pre-conclave mass attended by the 115 cardinals that are currently partaking in the secret conclave, and hundreds more faithful followers 

Cardinals attend the traditional mass which preceeds the conclave, this year celebrated by Cardinal Angelo Sodano inside St Peter's Basilica 

The Sistine Chapel has been prepared for the papal conclave, Vatican City, Rome 

A pilgrim in prayer under the rain on the day the papal conclave began 

Accessories for the vestment of the future Pope are displayed as the conclave starts at the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City 

Two Swiss guards stand in guard in front of the door of the Sistine Chapel as the conclave starts 

The Maestro of Ceremony closes the door of the Sistine Chapel, marking the beginning of the extremely secret papal conclave process when the College of Cardinals elects Pope Benedict XVI's successor 


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