Highlights from Camilla's first solo overseas tour

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall embarked on her first solo engagement abroad on Monday.

In her usual understated fashion, The Duchess took the Eurostar to Paris where she would spend two days learning more about the charity Emmaus, which was founded shortly after WW2 when homelessness and poverty was a big problem.

"I'm dreading making my speech in French," admitted Camilla before she represented the UK at the charity's headquarters. "I haven't spoken it since I was 16."

After her speech had gone smoothly, Prince Charles's wife, met with Help for Heroes fundraisers, sampled some local fare at Marche Raspil and toured Dior's glamorous headquarters.

Before heading back to London, Camilla enjoyed a visit to The Louvre, posing in front of Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa.

Camilla kept her visit to Paris low key, travelling to the French capital on the Eurostar from London St Pancras 

At the Emmaus charity workshop in Bougavil Camilla made her speech. "I hope you will forgive my rather rusty French," she began, before impressing attendees with her delivery.

"She did it very well. She didn't make any mistakes," said Julia Batters, head of the senior school at the British School of Paris. "Her pronunciation was very English, but that's to be expected." 

After her speech, Camilla toured the Emmaus community, taking a shine to one of the watches on offer.

"They are really nice watches aren't they?" she added. "It's a fantastic place to come. You could pick up a little bargain here. If I had all the time in the world, and nobody wanted me, I'd spend a fortune in here." 

The Duchess joined Help For Heroes fundraisers taking part in the Big Battlefield Bikeride at Les Invalides for a team photograph 

Camilla inspected the troops as she attended a ceremony with the horse cavalry regiment of the French Republican Guard 

The Equestrian fan spent time visiting the stables on her trip to the guard's headquarters 

The Duchess sampled some local fare, including meat, olives and apricots at Marche Raspil on the city's Boulevard Raspail 

The royal visited the Christian Dior headquarters on Paris' Avenue Montaigne 

Dior's chief executive officer Sidney Toledano gave Camilla a tour of the Dior Salon, where she was also introduced to creative director Raf Simons, who walked her through his collections 

Not even a spot of rain could dampen Camilla's successful first solo engagement abroad as she made her way to the city's famous Louvre museum 

At The Louvre the Duchess admired Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa and sculptures by Michelangelo before heading back to the UK