Crowds gathered across London awaiting royal baby news

Crowds of well-wishers gathered around the hospital and outside Buckingham Palace to be present for the moment that the world has been waiting for for months — the moment Kate Middleton and Prince William that announced the birth of their baby boy.

It was announced on Monday evening that Kate had given birth to a little Prince weighing 8lb 6oz on Monday afternoon at around 4:24pm.

As champagne is poured and the nation rejoices, many remain in position to witness the moment that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge step out with their newborn baby.

Journalists from around the world are in prime position to catch the first glimpse of the Duchess when she emerges from the Lindo Wing at St Mary's hospital. Scores of fans have followed suit, some of whom have been camping outside the famous hospital's entrance or come bearing gifts for the Prince or Princess.

It is expected that the new parents will emerge with their little bundle of joy on Tuesday after spending the night in the hospital.

HELLO! Online looks at some of the exciting scenes in the British capital building up to the announcement of the little one's announcement.

The world's press have been gathered outside the Lindo Wing for several weeks now, but the official announcement that Kate had been admitted to the hospital has seen even more news teams arrive at the entrance. 

At Buckingham Palace rope has been put out to help control the large crowds of excited fans waiting for a glimpse of the easel. 

Much like William and Kate's glorious wedding, the arrival of their baby has seen scores of supporters have gather in front of Buckingham Palace. Those close to the gates will be able to see the famous easel announcing the baby's arrival which will posted in front of the palace. 

Kate's royal baby, which will be heir to the throne regardless of its gender, has attracted news teams from around the world.

Natalie Morales (pictured left) takes a moment between presenting for NBC and the Today Show and another news anchor broadcasts to Sky in Italy (pictured right). 

Fans have eagerly been leaving presents for the royal baby, including these brightly coloured balloons which were given to police to pass on the Duchess of Cambridge. 

One photographer gets into the royal spirit of things with a mask of Prince William's face. 

Fences were delivered to the Lindo Wing in anticipation of more people arriving at the famous hospital. 

Hospital workers and patients inside the hospital have been just as interested in the waiting journalists, taking pictures and watching from the windows. 

Since the Duchess was admitted to hospital on Monday morning, security at the Lindo Wing has increased as several policemen now stand guard outside the door. 

These royal fans are waiting outside the Lindo Wing with presents for the royal baby, including a miniature car and cute soft toys. 

Journalists and photographers get creative as they wait outside the hospital, taping memorabillia to the walls and starting their own sweepstake on when the baby will be born. 

The press themselves have become a tourist attraction with many passers by taking pictures of those waiting to capture the moment William and Kate leave the hospital. 

A group of girls camp in a tent outside St Mary's hospital, draped in Union Jack flags. 

One well wisher shows off a cake she made especially for the ocassion reading 'Come on Kate. We can't wait. Give us something to celebrate'.