Royal friends reunite: King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima visit the Spanish royals

The day after celebrating their first Prince's Day as King and Queen, Willem-Alexander and Maxima have made their first visit to the Spanish capital since they received their new titles.

Arriving in Madrid on Wednesday at midday accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Frans Timmermans, the Dutch royals were flown in by none other than Willem-Alexander himself (the royal holds a military pilot's license).

Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia of Spain greeted them upon their arrival at the air base, closely following protocol – Princess Letizia curtsied to Maxima – but soon after the royals warmly embraced one another.

The rest of the Spanish royal family, including King Juan Carlos, Queen Sofia and Princess Elena, waited for them on the steps of the royal palace.

HELLO! Online looks at the reunion of royal friends in pictures...

The Spanish Prince and Princess smile alongside the Dutch King and Queen. The couples have been close friends for years, and warmly embraced each other upon Willem-Alexander and Maxima's arrival. Photo: © Getty Images

Once they were greeted formally and according to protocol – Princess Letizia curtsied to Queen Maxima – the royal couples warmly hugged each other just like old friends reuniting.
  Photo: © Getty Images

Willem-Alexander beams on his first visit to Spain as King, as he stands between the King and Queen of Spain, and in line with Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia and Princess Elena on the steps of Zarzuela Palace, on the outskirts of Madrid. Photo: © Getty Images

Maxima, the queen of elegance, wore a grey dress for the occasion, crowned with aquamarine jewels including a stunning brooch and drop earrings. Pictured here, she shares a joke with King Juan Carlos of Spain, affectionately touching his shoulder. Photo: © Getty Images

Prince Felipe was handsome in navy with a striped blue and orange tie, while Princess Letizia wore a stunning white embroidered dress with a sparkling waist. The two look delighted to have received their guests.