William and Kate's royal tour: a gallery of the best moments

As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's tour of New Zealand and Australia comes to an end, HELLO! Online takes a look back over the best moments.

From Prince George's first official engagement to the Duke and Duchess's DJ-ing session and Kate's triumphant win against her husband in a sailing race, scroll down for highlights of their royal visit.

Kate Middleton arrives in New Zealand with Prince George
With excitement in New Zealand at fever pitch, William, Kate and George made their highly anticipated arrival into the country's capital city to kick off their three-week tour.

In spite of the long-haul flight, Kate looked radiant in a scarlet Catherine Walker coat and a matching Gina Foster pillbox hat as she carried Prince George off the plane. Photo: © Getty Images

Prince George enjoys royal playdate
Making his first ever official engagement, Prince George was the little guest of honour at a special playgroup in Wellington where he crawled around with confidence on the blue carpet, which was littered with toys.

The Prince, who was described by one guest as "quite a bruiser", was impeccably behaved, albeit for a minor incident with a little girl called Paige, who he made cry after grabbing for her wooden doll. Photo: © Getty Images

Prince George of Cambridge hugs Kate Middleton
While George had owned the room during his first royal engagement, the baby Prince still settled for a cute cuddle with his mum.

Nuzzling into Kate's shoulder, young George gave a contented smile as he held on for a hug. Photo: © Getty Images

William and Kate embraced their competitive sides when they went head-to-head during a sailing race in Auckalnd.

As an experienced deckhand and sailor who has practised regularly with her family in the Solent, Kate was in her element as she steered the boat to victory over her husband, much to spectators' delight. Photo: © Getty Images

Kate Middleton and Prince William meet Peter Jackson
Joining forces with Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson, William and Kate toured the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre.

Peter took the opportunity to grab a snap on his mobile phone when William climbed into one of the static planes as Kate proudly looked on. Photo: © Getty Images

Kate Middleton reveals new portrait of the Queen
William and Kate unveiled a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II during a lavish state reception at Government House in Wellington.

Just two weeks before the Queen's 88th birthday, the Duke and Duchess revealed the piece of artwork which shows the monarch dressed in a royal blue dress with her trademark pearl necklace and a silver fern brooch. Photo: © Getty Images

Kate Middleton accepts pretend driving licence for George
He may not be walking yet but Prince George was given his own pretend driving licence by one royal fan.

The Duchess laughed as she saw the fake licence, complete with a picture of her eight-month-old son, during a walkabout in the town of Cambridge. Photo: © Getty Images

Kate Middleton goes head to head with Prince William
William and Kate donned their trainers as they got stuck in to helping coach a children's rugby tournament in the New Zealand city of Dunedin.

Joined by members of the country's formidable All Blacks rugby team, the couple enjoyed some sporty fun at the Forsyth Barr stadium where William's team of youngsters stormed to victory against Kate's junior side.
  Photo: © Getty Images

Kate Middleton and Prince William white water rafting
Prince William and Kate showed no signs of nerves as they prepared to go white-water rafting in Queenstown — one of the more adventurous engagements the couple undertook during their royal trip abroad.

While fashion did not play centre part in the engagement, Kate still managed to look flawless in her red life vest that had her title "Duchess of Cambridge" stitched on to the front. Photo: © Getty Images

Kate Middleton wine tasting
Kate quashed rumours that she was pregnant with her second child when she and Prince William took part in a wine-tasting engagement at Amisfield vineyard.

The Duchess, 32, admitted that she "was really enjoying being able to drink again after having baby George"  as she sampled six or seven tastes of New Zealand wine, including a few tipples of Aurum Pinot Gris and Remarkable Dry Riesling. 

Kate Middleton plays cricket
Kate stepped up to the crease and showed off her cricket skills during the royal couple's visit to Christchurch.

Still wearing her heels and her fitted red suit, the smiling Duchess took hold of a yellow cricket bat and stood in front of the wickets to go head-to-head with her husband Prince William, who tried his hand at bowling. Photo: © Getty Images

Prince George of Cambridge
Upon his arrival in Sydney Prince George was welcomed to Admiralty House by Australian Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove – and more importantly, a huge wombat cuddly toy.

The eight-month-old Prince reached out to a delighted-looking Prince William as he held the cute short-legged, stubby-tailed toy for George to touch. Photo: © Getty Images

Prince George matches baby Prince William
Royal fans were reminded of a baby Prince William when Prince George appeared in a smock bearing great resemblance to one worn by his father when he was almost the same age.

Arriving in Sydney, George was dressed in a white smock with blue embroidered detail across the front – almost identical to the one William wore when he was pictured with Princess Diana at Kensington Palace in 1983. Photo: © Getty Images

Kate Middleton and Prince William at the Blue Mountains
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took a moment to appreciate some of Australia's stunning scenery when they visited The Three Sisters, a group of towering weathered sandstone peaks that are one of the country's most iconic landmarks.

At one point, at the spectacular vertical cliff at Narrow Neck Lookout, daredevil William was seen peering over the 100-metre drop as he and Kate watched abseilers dropping to the bush below. Photo: © Getty Images

Kate Middleton's hair
The Duchess of Cambridge wowed the public with the wide range of stunning hairstyles she sported.

For more relaxed events Kate tied her hair up into a ponytail and pinned her hair halfway up for a casual, effortless style, while for formal affairs such as the Governor-General’s reception her brown locks were styled in an elegant chignon. Photo: © Getty Images

Kate Middleton at Bear Cottage hospice
On day 11 William and Kate visited Bear Cottage hospice in Manly, Sydney.

During her first speech of the tour Kate told the audience that her experience of the hospice had been "wonderful" and "inspirational"  though she later revealed the emotional day had left her "ready for a big sob".

The engagement also took its toll on Prince William who said "I welled up, I was really worried I would start crying". Photo: © Getty Images

Kate Middleton accepts Australian-themed toys for George
William and Kate were inundated with hordes of Australian-themed toys for Prince George during their visit to the Queensland city of Brisbane.

Kate was seen with armfuls of cuddly kangaroos and koalas, although at one point she was juggling too many toys and flowers, causing her to drop one of the stuffed animals.

  Photo: © Getty Images

Kate Middleton plays with Prince George at Taronga Zoo
George added yet another Australian-themed stuffed animal to his ever growing collection in the form of a toy bilby wearing a green T-shirt gifted to him during his Easter Sunday visit to Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

At first George was enamoured with the soft toy although he later threw it to the ground much to the amusement of the crowd and his parents. Photo: © Getty Images

Kate Middleton wipes Prince George's mouth
William and Kate showed off their expert parenting skills during their day at Taronga Zoo.

Kate's actions struck a chord with many fellow mothers as she wiped dribble from George's mouth on her dress while William planted a loving kiss on his son's head as they toured the hillside zoo. Photo: © Getty Images

Kate Middleton and Prince George touch down in Canberra
Inquisitive George got hands-on with the welcoming committee that greeted the royals when they touched down in Canberra for the final leg of their tour, touching a fellow youngster on the nose.

The Duchess sported a blue Stella McCartney dress for the arrival, which matched her son's blue top and navy shorts. Photo: © Getty Images

Kate Middleton and Prince William at Uluru
Thirty one years after Prince William's parents Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited the iconic Ayers Rock, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made the same trip.

After a day of activities at the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, William and Kate spent a night under the stars, glamping at Longtitude 131, the luxury accommodation facing the north face of Uluru where they were able to experience the Outback at night and have an opportunity to see the sun rise over the world-famous rock. Photo: © Getty Images

Kate Middleton tries her hand at DJing
Prince William instantly brought back memories of his father Prince Charles when he was pictured learning how to DJ during a visit to the Northern Sound System in Adelaide.

William and his wife Kate tried their hands at mixing tracks at the youth focused community music centre after Charles' attempts at spinning tunes in 2001 and 2003. Photo: © Getty Images

Kate Middleton receives Lupo toy
Kate didn't only receive presents on behalf of Prince George — one royal fan gave the Duchess a gift for her dog Lupo.

"Everyone gives us presents for George but nobody knows how much I'm missing my own dog," said Kate. "This is the first present I’ve received for my dog and I’m really happy because I do miss him. He’ll be really happy to have this to play with." Photo: © Getty Images

Kate Middleton, Prince William and George leave Australia
The royal trio's highly successful tour drew to a close on 25 April and William, Kate and George made their final appearance as they boarded a plane in Canberra. Photo: © Getty Images