Felipe becomes the king of Spain: best moments in pictures

A new chapter in Spanish history began when Felipe VI was proclaimed the new king of Spain on Thursday morning in a low-key ceremony at the Palace of Zarazuela, on the outskirts of Madrid.

The new monarch officially ascended to the throne with his wife, now Queen Letizia of Spain, and two daughters Princess Sofia and Princess Leonor, by his side.

We take a look at the best moments of the historic day in pictures – from the swearing-in ceremony, the embrace of two kings, and the new reigning couple's royal kiss on the palace's balcony before thousands of well-wishers and fans.

Felipe stands proudly beside his father, King Juan Carlos, as he is sworn in as king. On the left-hand-side, his wife Queen Letizia, the couple's two daughters, Princesses Leonor and Sofia, his mother, Queen Sofia, his sister Infanta Elena, and his nephew look on. Photo: © Getty Images

Father and son: King Juan Carlos embraces his son Felipe after symbolically handing him the red sash of the chief of the Armed Forces. Photo: © Getty Images

King Felipe, Queen Letizia, their two daughters and Spain's prime minister Mariano Rajoy stand in line as the National Anthem is played. Photo: © Getty Images

With confidence, the new King delivered his first speech as monarch, standing in the exact same place that his father had stood nearly 40 years beforehand, pledging to lead a "renovated monarchy for new times" during the 22-minute address. Photo: © Getty Images

Queen Sofia blows a kiss of appreciation after being mentioned for her nearly 40 years of service to Spain, while her daughter, Infanta Elena, applauds in the Congress of Deputies. Photo: © Getty Images

Felipe, 46, took an oath of loyalty to Spain's constitution before giving an address in the Congress of Deputies. Photo: © Getty Images

Queen Letizia kept a close eye on her and Felipe's two daughters, princesses Leonor, eight, and Sofia, seven. Photo: © Getty Images

There was a full house at the Congress of Deputies on Thursday morning, where King Felipe VI was sworn-in and where he gave his first speech as king. Photo: © Getty Images

Queen Letizia affectionately rests a hand on her husband's cheek as the new reigning couple share a kiss. Photo: © Getty Images

King Felipe VI stands in a convertible Rolls Royce as he makes his way through Madrid, accompanied by Letizia. Photo: © Getty Images

King Felipe, a former Olympic yachtsman, was driven through the sunny streets of central Madrid in an open-top car to greet the public. Photo: © Getty Images

The reigning couple prepare to step onto the balcony of the Royal Palace to greet the throngs of well-wishers as king and queen. Photo: © Getty Images

Royal fans and well-wishers wave flags, cheer and snap photographs on their mobiles of the new king and queen of Spain. Photo: © Getty Images

Felipe and Letizia wave to the crowds alongside their daughters, princesses Leonor and Sofia, from the balcony of the Royal Palace. King Juan Carlos and his wife, Queen Sofia joined them. Photo: © Getty Images

Queen Sofia kisses Letizia, the new queen of Spain, on the palace's balcony before thousands of royal well-wishers. Photo: © Getty Images

A tender moment between the new king and queen of Spain, who share a kiss on the palace's balcony. Photo: © Getty Images