Barack and Michelle celebrate 20 years of marriage


Barack and Michelle celebrate 20 years of marriage

Michelle was a young associate at Chicago law firm Sydney and Austin when she first met her future husband.

There was a huge buzz at work about some hotshot young law student from Harvard. Then Michelle was asked to be his mentor, and was handed his CV.

"First I thought 'what kind of name is Barack Obama?'," remembers Michelle, pictured with the politician at a family wedding during the early days of their relationship.

"And I found out he grew up in Hawaii. I found that very strange as a girl who grew up on the south side of Chicago. My assumption was – this guy has got to be kind of weird. Kind of a little nerdy."

But the young lawyer was soon won over. "He walked into my office on the first day and he was cuter than I thought he would be. So that was the first positive impression," she admits.

Then she took him out for a welcome lunch and things just got better.

"I just found him intriguing in every way that you can imagine," she says.

"He was funny, he was self deprecating, he didn't take himself too seriously, he could laugh at himself, we clicked right away. He was very down to earth despite coming from this very exotic background compared to mine."