• First attraction
  • Separate ways
  • Royal wedding
  • Drifting apart
  • Charles/Diana split
  • Revelations
  • Camilla reviled
  • Her own divorce
  • Tragedy strikes
  • Rapprochement
  • Affection in public
  • A fresh start
  • Separate ways
    By 1971 Charles, who was showing signs of indecisiveness when it came to his personal life, had embarked on a career with the Royal Navy. Without telling Camilla how he felt about her, he left to serve in the Caribbean for eight months. By the time he returned she and Andrew had resumed their romance and were engaged. They were married in 1973 and Camilla settled down to life as an army wife.

    But Charles and Camilla remained close and, as testament to this, Camilla and Andrew invited the Prince to be godfather to their first child, Tom, who was born the year after their wedding. Five years later, in 1979, Camilla and Andrew welcomed the arrival of a baby daughter, Laura, who completed their family.

    The Parker Bowleses were part of a close-knit group of friends that included Princess Anne, Nicholas Soames, Carolyn Benson, Edward Van Cutsem and Camilla’s sister Annabel and her husband Simon Elliot. This no doubt helped the friendship between Charles and Camilla to endure throughout the 1970s. Such was the bond between the pair that she is said to have played an integral part in encouraging the courtship between the Prince and Lady Diana Spencer.

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