Elizabeth met Prince Albert, Duke of York, at a ball hosted by Lord and Lady Farquhar in Grosvenor Square on May 20. The Prince was reported to have said later that he'd fallen in love with her that very evening, though he didn't immediately realise it. "Bertie" was a shy young man with a stammer and a delicate constitution, said to have been caused by a brutal nurse who did not spare the rod when looking after him.

The Prince soon became a regular visitor to Glamis Castle, enchanted by a happy home life and, of course, by Elizabeth. "I have discovered that [Bertie] is very much attracted to Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon," Queen Mary told her lady-in-waiting Lady Airlie. "He's always talking about her. She seems a charming girl but I don't know her very well." The Queen's aide replied: "I have known her all her life and could say nothing but good about her." Elizabeth's fate was sealed.

When Bertie proposed in the spring of 1921 - possibly through a third party - she turned him down. However Bertie was not going to give up hope without a fight. His mother was convinced that Elizabeth was "the one girl who could make Bertie happy" and Bertie was, too. In early 1923 the Prince joined Elizabeth at another of the family's homes. Skipping church, the couple took a stroll in the woods. Once again he proposed and this time she accepted. The King and Queen received a telegram containing the pre-arranged message they had been hoping for: "All right. Bertie".
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