jpg News of the engagement hit the headlines three days later and Elizabeth's many admirers were not happy. Tory MP Chips Channon lamented: "There is not a man in England today who doesn't envy him. The clubs are in gloom." There was just one hitch in the proceedings which taught the inexperienced Elizabeth a valuable lesson in royal protocol.

A journalist arrived at the Strathmores's London home. Before her worried mother could order him out, Elizabeth said: "Mother, leave this gentleman to me," and asked the astonished reporter: "I suppose you have come to congratulate me? How very kind of you." When he asked about the rumour that she had originally turned down the Prince's proposal, she twinkled: "Now look at me. Do you think I am the sort of person Bertie would have to ask twice?" George V was furious. It did not take Elizabeth long to win him round, but her days of chatting to the press were over.
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