• Cool pools around the world

    Imagine an endless horizon as pool, sea and sky blend in a perfect shade of azure blue. Some of the best luxury hotels offer their perfect pools for your pleasure...

  • The world's best sunsets

    Serengeti, TanzaniaPeople who have had the good fortune to visit the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania say that until you've seen the sun set over the great orange plains you...

  • A pool with a view

    Intercontinental Hong Kong , Hong Kong (China)By day, this pool, set on the roof of one of the buildings that comprise the hotel, offers astounding views of the Hong Kong...

  • Treat yourself at a designer label hotel

    Puerta America (Madrid) Under one roof, two dozen state-of-the-art architects and designers have given full rein to their imagination. The result is this exclusive hotel, a benchmark for a new...

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