• Fancy a walk on the beach?

    What could be more relaxing than a barefoot walk along a sandy beach? Besides being a treat for the senses, this simple pleasure is actually a very healthy option that...

  • Pediluvium – the footbath treatment

    The fancy-sounding word 'pediluvium' is taken from the Latin where it simply means footbath. Now though, it's used to refer to a marvellous spa therapy technique that is both relaxing...

  • Hot stone therapy: a cool way to relax

    The traditional pumice stone may not rate high in the glamour stakes, but other volcanic stones are now playing a leading role in one of the latest beauty treatments: they...

  • Flying beauty tips

    If you're lucky enough to be heading off for an exotic holiday this summer, the chances are that it's preceded by a plane journey, maybe even quite a long fight...

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