• Helping hands against the cold

    The calendar may not yet say it's winter, but the cold is beginning to nip, and, along with our faces, our hands are one of the first places we notice...

  • Health: Keep water warm

    We all know how essential water is to maintaining a healthy body and clear skin. But keep your daily intake at room temperature – or, even better, warm - rather...
  • Condition and shine: Cold rinse debunked

    Think you can get hair as shiny as Elizabeth Hurley's with the old cold-rinse trick? Apparently not, according to trichologist Philip Kingsley who says dousing your head in cold water...
  • Give your skin zing

    "Winter skin often feels sluggish and puffy. Soaking a flannel in ice-cold water and pressing it firmly onto your face for a few seconds provides a great pick-me-up that can...

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