• Jessica Alba marks New Year with new cut

    We thought once Victoria Beckham had her trendsetting bob shorn short last year, it would signal the end of a style that left its mark on more celebrities than any...

  • Hilary joins the cream of the crops

    There must be something in the stars for celebrity haircuts of late, with a record number of new looks being debuted, almost all of them short. First we had Katie...

  • Is Katie's new cut a trendsetter?

    She's already debuted a beautiful, full-fringed bob this year, but now we're loving Katie Holmes' new cut even more. A gorgeous elfin crop that makes her look younger than ever...

  • Wayne gets inspired by Becks' crop

    He may not be following former team-mate David Beckham to Hollywood, but Wayne Rooney does seem to be following his style. While girlfriend Coleen makes the most of her hair...

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