Eating habits

  • Getting the kids to eat more fruit

    Fresh fruit offers one of the most delicious and refreshing forms of sweetness to be found, loaded with vitamins, fibre and natural raw sugars. Sadly though, given the choice, all...

  • Spring into the new season

    We've had the spring equinox and spring is officially with us; the days are getting longer, the birds are nesting, gardens are bursting with life, and everywhere is brighter and...

  • Eating for energy

    Spring is in the air, and as we look forward to longer, brighter days, most of us notice that our energy levels start to pick up and we begin to...

  • Ten golden rules to a healthy heart

    You only have one heart, so you want to take care of it. Here are ten simple guidelines to help keep it healthy:

1. Move that body! Take regular physical exercise...

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