Hair conditioner

  • Mediterranean diet - for your hair!

    We've heard time and time again that olive oil is good for our health, but there's more to it than that. It's also a useful beauty ally. And if you're...

  • Hair care for brown hair

    From glorious dark chestnut to a lighter shade of mouse, there are a host of tones and colours that come under the umbrella-term 'brown', which probably makes it the most...

  • Brilliant hair basics

    A long mane of healthy, shiny hair: it's most women's dream. And it shouldn't be hard to achieve if you follow our four simple guidelines: Wash frequently If you leave...

  • Hair conditioner myths and half-truths

    Hair conditioner is a surprisingly recent addition to the standard beauty product range, but its quality and effects have improved radically since it was introduced, and it's now an essential...

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