Hair removal

  • Women spend £8,000 on hair removal

    A recent study has revealed that British women are hostage to hair removal - admitting that they spend on average £8000 in a lifetime removing unwanted hair.It’s not just money...

  • Six of the best: Alternatives to shaving

    Click on the photo to view alternatives to shaving...With the sun hopefully here to stay, it's time to resurface your summer clothing. Many of us are used to reaching for...

  • Pluck your brows like a pro

    Arches done correctly can make eyes seem bigger and brighter, visually lift sagging lids, rev up hair color and give you an all-over gorgeous look. “Eyebrows are so important, they...

  • Hair removal: Canny short cuts

    The longer the hair on your body, the more it hurts as it's yanked out with wax or an epilator. So if you avoid these long-term methods of hair removal...

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