• Double Gloucester and Farmhouse Cheddar muffins

    Ingredients (makes 10) 50g (2oz) Farmhouse Cheddar cheese, grated 50g (2oz) Double Gloucester cheese, grated 250g (9oz) plain flour 1 level tablespoon baking powder (use a proper measuring spoon!) 1/2...

  • Kitchen tip - freshen up your herbs

    So many of us buy herbs in those little packets from the supermarket. How is it they always seem too much to use in one go? One always ends up...

  • Tomato meatball wraps

    Ingredients (Serves 4) 500g minced beef 1 tsp mixed herbs 1 tbsp oil 400g can chopped tomatoes 2 tbsp tomato purée 320g pack 8 wholemeal tortilla wraps 100g Cheddar cheese...

  • Kitchen tip: Green and glorious

    If you're fed up with fresh herbs going slimy after just a couple of days, don't keep them wrapped in plastic in the fridge. Instead place them in a jug...

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