• Dive into the world's best scuba sites

    AzoresThe waters around this remote Portuguese archipelago way out in the Atlantic Ocean are home to an amazing underwater world. The nine small volcanic islands of the Azores are surrounded...

  • All night long: Notte Bianca in Malta

    With its wide range of tourist activities, historical monuments and pleasant climate, there are already plenty of reasons to visit the beautiful Mediterranean archipelago of Malta. If you're looking for...

  • Magical Mediterranean islands

    Brac (Croatia) 
Zlatni Rat – the 'golden cape' – near Bol is probably Croatia's finest beach. The beautiful horn of pale sand juts into the sea, extending for nearly half...

  • Heading to warmer climes

    Spring should be just around the corner, but we can expect the weather to be grey, bleak and rainy for a while yet. So why not turn the tables and...

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