• The art of Tapies lives on in Spain

    Cracks and scratches, signs and symbols, numbers and puzzles... all are unmistakable elements of the works of Antoni Tapies, the great Catalan painter and sculptor who died this week at...

  • A question of golf

    That Spain is a favourite destination for golf lovers is well known. The country owes this reputation to two main factors: the climate and the world-class quality of the greens...

  • Extreme dining in Spain

    Dinner on the dark sideTaste is just one of the five senses, of course, but what happens to it when one of the others is completely blocked out? That's a...

  • Valencia lights the blue touch paper

    In the run up to March each year, the whole of Valencia focuses on Las Fallas: a fire festival par excellence, dedicated to San Jose – Saint Joseph – which...

  • Experience Spain with your five senses



Sunset over the AlhambraAs dusk falls over Granada and the bustle of tourists dies away along the streets of the Albaicin, the great rosy-gold complex of the Nasrid palace...

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