Springtime in photos: colourful scenes from around the world

During a long, cold winter with many rain- and snow-filled days, it seems like blue skies and warmth of springtime will never arrive. But the most mild part of the year, which lasts 92 days and 18 hours, officially sprung on March 20.

As the northern hemisphere tilts toward the sun, people can head outdoors to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and blossoming flowers, especially at parks, gardens, zoos and farms, which burst with life. In celebration of springtime, we're taking a look at some of the most striking natural scenes the season has produced thus far.

Tourists observe the cherry blossoms in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan, a south-western province of China. When spring arrives, the beautiful cherry blossoms and begonias pop up along Kunming's landscape 

A man performs a ritual as he watches the descent of the Kukulcan serpent, which draws its shadow on the stairs of the Chichen Itza pyramid during the equinox on March 20 

On March 27, opening day of the US National Cherry Blossom Festival in the country's capital, children play with soap bubbles by the Washington Monument 

A young girl plays among the daffodils in London's St James' Park on April 3. While much of the country was wet and rainy on the bank holiday, Londoners were able to enjoy the day under the sun 

April 3 marked Miami's First Annual Kids Spring and Break into Motivation, hosted by music stars Flo Rida and Brandy. The spring holidays bring a great influx of visitors to the Miami area, but the many special events put on are for the delight of locals as well 

A tourist from Hong Kong prepares to snap photos of a field of blossoming tulips near Lisse, Holland on April 6 

A photo taken on April 7 shows Siraj Bagh, one of the world's largest tulip gardens, which holds more than 1.2 million of the blossoming flowers. The garden - located in Srinagar, Kashmir - participates in the annual Tulip festival that begins in April, when the flowers are typically in full bloom 

This photograph provided by the National Park Service shows Iceberg Lake at Glacier National Park in Montana on April 7. With the arrival of spring, the ice that accumulated during winter begins to melt 

A starling walks among crocuses in a park in the center of Kiev during a warm spring day in the Ukrainian capital 

Ladybirds, one the most common springtime insects, have become a symbol of the season because of their eye-catching colours. They hibernate during the winter, but when the warm weather arrives, they can be easily spotted crawling on plants