Hot town, summer in the city: urbanites stay cool as temperatures soar

Not everyone leaves town to escape the heat of the summer, and those who remain in the city find other ways to stay cool. On the hottest days, parks and gardens fill with people making the most of the sunshine, while others beat the heat in fountains, lakes and pools.

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Urban summertime scenes: New York
Sunbathing on the grass of New York's Central Park 

Urban summertime scenes: Philadelphia
Cooling off under a sprinkler in Philadelphia 

Urban summertime scenes: Moscow
Taking advantage of the heat wave that recently hit Russia, two girls catch some rays in Moscow's Kolomenskoye Park 

Urban summertime scenes: Toronto
Youngsters beat the heat in a fountain in Dundas Square, Toronto 

Urban summertime scenes: Richmond, Virginia
A young Tarzan swings on a rope at Belle Island, near Richmond, Virginia 

Urban summertime scenes: Washington
Chilling out at the National Gallery Sculpture Garden in Washington 

Urban summertime scenes:
New Yorkers see the fun in being hosed down on a rowing boat in one of Central Park's lakes 

Urban summertime scenes: New York
Relaxing under the sun in a park next to the Big Apple's Brooklyn Bridge 

Urban summertime scenes: Yekaterinburg, Russia
Keeping it cool next to a fountain in Yekaterinburg, Russia, near the Ural Mountains 

Urban summertime scenes: Fushan, China
These revellers have a blast at a water park in Fushan, China