Nightfall in Manhattan

There are so many different ways to explore New York, but without doubt one of the most original is to get to know the city by night.

Once the sun sets and the city lights flare up, the streets of the Big Apple are illuminated in a dazzling glow, creating a truly spectacular experience.

The stunning night-time cityscape can be viewed from the dizzying heights of the Empire State building or from the Top of the Rock Observation Deck in the Rockefeller Centre.

Imagine taking a trip to the famous Brooklyn Bridge under the shimmering moonlight; or a romantic ramble down the Hudson river.

You could also wander down Fifth Avenue, the city's most famous street, or through Times Square, the most vibrant zone in the city.

And perhaps on the journey back to Manhattan, you could pay a visit to Little Italy - the famous Italian suburb that has been featured in numerous films - or Mulberry Street, with its many restaurants and bars.

There is also the opportunity to drop by some of the bars in West Village, where jazz bands play late into the night.

With so much choice and such breathtaking views, a night in New York promises to be one you will never forget.

B Bar and Grill is an institution in New York, mostly due to its 3,000m2 garden. It is ideal for enjoying Big Apple nights all year round 

Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge, built in 1883, has appeared in hundreds of films and TV series. It is the most famous bridge in New York and one of the most well-known in the world 

When the sun sets, the bird's eye view of the lustrous city is simply indescribable 

Empire State Building
As a tribute to the Spanish football team, the Empire State building - the tallest building in New York - was lit up with the colours of the national flag on the day of their victory 

Mamajuana Cafe
Relaxing on a patio, like this one in Mamajuana Café, is one of the most pleasurable ways of spending a night in New York 

With its many lights and billboards, Times Square has become the best-known image of New York, as well as the most lively area of the city 

The Museum of Modern Art in New York, known as Moma, is located in Manhattan and is one of the best sanctuaries of modern and contemporary art in the world 

The heart of Times Square, where Broadway meets Seventh Avenue, is heavy in atmosphere with its many clusters of bars and restaurants as well as theatres and museums 

Taxis in Times Square
The flurry of activity in Times Square doesn't seem to stop neither during the day nor at night 

Washington Square Park
Washington Park Square is situated in the south of the island of Manhattan. It is close to New York University and in the suburb of Greenwich village. Its Arch of Triumph is dedicated to George Washington